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Monarchs in the Classroom

Monarchs in the Classroom

is run by

The University of Minnesota



Monarchs in the Classroom provides a wide variety of materials and professional development opportunities for teachers, naturalists and citizens throughout the US. Two groups of behind the scenes people work together in a unique partnership to make this program successful: classroom teachers and scientists committed to sharing their expertise with the broader community. All of our programs reflect this partnership, combining real science with techniques that work for teachers, students and citizens, and promoting practices in which children learn science in ways that reflect the inquiry methods used by scientists to understand the natural world.


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Topic - monarch butterflies, insects, ecology, gardening

Audience - K-12, nature centers, parents

Location - North America

Goals - education



Karen Oberhauser, Associate Professor and Director  tiny email icon

    612 624-8706

Grant Bowers, Coordinator  tiny email icon
    612 624-8706

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