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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Literate About Biodiversity

Literate About Biodiversity

is part of

The NatureMapping Program

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Each class K-8 has chosen a species of local animal to study and collect NatureMapping data. K-spiders, 1st-butterflies and moths, 2nd- birds, 3rd-insects, 4th-reptiles, 5th-wildflowers and weeds, 6th-fossorial mammals. We have produce a native plant garden, a field guide that we add to each year, a school mural. We study on the schoolgrounds, at a local creek area, in a local canyon and on a local mountain so the students can compare common animals and plants from 4 different areas.


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Topic - biodiversity, water quality, invertebrates, wildlife

Audience - K-12, parents, community, natural resource agencies

Location - Waterville Plateau, Washington, USA

Goals - education, inventory, and monitoring



Karen Dvornich, NatureMapping National Director  email Karen


Diane Petersen, Teacher  email Diane


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