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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring

Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring

is part of the

National Park Service Northeast Temperate Network Inventory & Monitoring Program

and is coordinated in partnership with the

Vermont Center for Ecostudies

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The Northeast Temperate Network monitors forest breeding bird populations at 11 National Parks in the northeast. Breeding birds are a consistently reliable and easily detectable indicator of long-term ecosystem change. Management activities at National Parks in the northeast aimed at preserving historical features, landscapes, or practices may have an impact on natural resources. By observing trends in breeding bird populations, park managers can better understand the effects of these practices on ecosystem processes. Bird watching is an important experience for many park visitors. This monitoring program involves and engages the public in park stewardship.


Open the Forest Breeding Bird Monitoring website



Topic - birds, monitoring

Audience - bird watchers, park visitors, adults

Location - National Parks in the North Eastern US

Goals - long-term monitoring, stewardship, management



Steve Faccio, Ecologist/NPS Cooperator  email Steve


Brian Mitchell, Northeast Temperate Network Program Manager  email Brian

  802-457-3368 ext. 37

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