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Vanessa Migration Project

The Vanessa Migration Project

is part of the

Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site,

organized in partnership with

Iowa State University Geographic Information Systems Facility, Iowa Nature Mapping

and the

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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The Vanessa Migration Project is a citizen science program that has been active since April 2001 as part of the Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site. Citizen observers in North America report their sightings of date, location, flight direction, and other activity of four butterflies of the genus Vanessa (V. atalanta, V. cardui, V. virginiensis, and V. annabella). Objectives include 1) monitoring butterflies and their yearly seasonal distribution; 2) tracking migrations and outbreaks; and 3) studying effects of weather and climatic patterns on butterfly activity.


Open the Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site



Topic - butterfly distribution, migration, behavior

Audience - butterfly watchers, scientists, schoolteachers

Location - North America

Goals - research, education



Royce J. Bitzer, Research Associate, Department of Entomology, Iowa State University  email Royce

  (515) 294-1999

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