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Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project

Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project

is run by the

Vermont Center for Ecostudies

in partnership with

Arrowwood Environmental

Open the Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project website



In collaboration with Arrowwood Environmental, Vermont Center for Ecostudies is mapping locations of potential vernal pools throughout Vermont, and recruiting a corps of volunteers to field-verify the presence of these potential pools. In the process, we will develop a GIS layer of potential and known vernal pools, as well as a database populated with biological and physical attributes of each verified pool. With partial funding from the Vermont State Wildlife Grants Program, potential vernal pools will be identified using color infrared aerial photographs.


Open the Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project website



Topic - salamanders, wetlands, wildlife habitat

Audience - Vermont, USA

Goals - conservation, research, education



Steve Faccio, Conservation Biologist  tiny email icon


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