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Citizen Monitoring of Wisconsin’s Freshwater Sponges

Citizen Monitoring of Wisconsin's Freshwater Sponges

is coordinated by the

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

in partnership with the

Milwaukee Public Museum

Open the Freshwater Sponges website



Biologists have been unable to assess the conservation status of Wisconsin sponges. Our Citizen Monitoring of Wisconsin’s Freshwater Sponges project helps address this situation by engaging volunteer monitors and creating a database of probable sponge occurrences that can be further investigated. We have an introductory guide to Wisconsin sponges and a reporting mechanism for citizens to report the presence of sponges at particular sites. We are compiling and sharing data on sponge distribution. Our work compliments efforts by others to understand the distribution of aquatic organisms in Wisconsin waters and addresses recommendations included in Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan.


Open the Citizen Monitoring of Freshwater Sponges website



Topic - freshwater sponges, invertebrates

Audience - outdoor enthusiasts, lake and stream monitors

Location - Wisconsin

Goals - inventory, monitoring, research



Dreux J. Watermolen, Chief, Science Information Services  email Dreux


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