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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Wildlife Health Event Reporter

An online reporting system for reporting sightings of sick or dead wildlife.

Wildlife Health Event Reporter

Wildlife Health Event Reporter (WHER) is an online, experimental reporting system for reporting and sharing sightings of sick or dead wildlife. Individual reports viewed together can lead to the detection and containment of wildlife disease outbreaks that may pose a health risk to people, domestic animals and other wildlife. For smart phone users, the HealthMap mobile phone application, Outbreaks Near Me, is also available. It captures the same information that the web-based WHER application collects and allows users to upload photos. Go to to download the application. WHER hopes to harness the power of the many eyes of the public to better detect wildlife disease phenomenon.


Topic - wildlife disease, ecohealth, surveillance

Audience - all ages, outdoor enthusiasts

Location - backyards, neighborhoods, urban, parks, trails, worldwide

Goals - research, data, collection, observation, surveillance


The Wildlife Data Integration Network


The Wildlife Data Integration Network Team,   email the team


Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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