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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


EDI images

EDI Title Text
Title Text: Promising Practices for increasing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
EDI blue circle
Graphic element: Blue circle with a thin blue line surrounding it.
EDI orange benefits
Orange circle with text reading: Provide concrete benefits.
EDI green familiar
Green circle with text reading: Build on what is familiar.
EDI gold partnerships
Gold circle with text reading: Develop collaborative partnerships.
EDI aqua flexible
Aqua circle with text reading: Be flexible and adaptive.
EDI purple contact
Purple circle with text reading: Sustain genuine contact.
EDI blue benefits
Blue circle with text reading: Identify and address barriers.
TEXT: Case stories
TEXT: Consensus Document
TEXT: Collaborators
EDI orange circle
Graphic element: Orange circle with a thin orange line surrounding it.
EDI green circle
Graphic element: Green circle with a thin green line surrounding it.
EDI gold circle
Graphic element: Gold circle with a thin gold line surrounding it.
EDI aqua circle
Graphic element: Aqua circle with a thin aqua line surrounding it.
EDI purple circle
Graphic element: Purple circle with a thin purple line surrounding it.
EDI title benefits
TEXT: Provide concrete benefits.
EDI title familiar
TEXT: Build on what is familiar
EDI title partnerships
TEXT: Develop collaborative partnerships
EDI title flexible
TEXT: Be flexible and adaptive
EDI title contact
TEXT: Sustain genuine contact
EDI title barriers
TEXT: Identify and address barriers
EDI border
Graphic element, a side border of overlapping circles of different colors.
EDI title about
TEXT: About this initiative
EDI home
Circular photo of a man and young girl in the New York Hall of Science (photo by NYSCI). Behind the photo, a spiral of six overlapping circles of different colors.
Two young girls looking through a magnifying glass. Photo by the New York Hall of Science.
Girl birding in an urban area. Photo by Camp Compass.
Four young girls kayaking. Photo by Tualatin Riverkeepers.
Girl with binoculars. Photo by Tualatin Riverkeepers.
Logos of the National Science Foundation, the Association of Science-Technology Centers, and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Celebrate Urban Birds participant at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Celebrate Urban Birds participants birding at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Photo courtesy of CUBS.
Text item reading "Consensus Document"
Text reading "Download Case Studies (492 KB)"
Text reading "Download Consensus Document (393 KB)"
A group of teens from the Rocking the Boat program installing a nesting box. Photo courtesy of Rocking the Boat.
A teen in the Rocking the Boat program building a nest box. Photo courtesy of Rocking the Boat.
Two teens outdoors with a clipboard. Photo courtesy of Hopa Mountain and the Native Science Field Centers.
Teen outdoors with pen. Photo courtesy of Hopa Mountain and the Native Science Field Centers.
Young girl wearing goggles. Photo courtesy of New York Hall of Science.
Six circles of different colors in a spiral, with the text, "Main page."