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Data Policy: Tools

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Data policy is complex, and different aspects are interwoven. The puzzle below represents four related aspects of data policy. Click on a puzzle piece to learn more:

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  • A User agreement is the contract between a provider and a user that outlines the acceptable behavior of both parties. When a user accepts a website's agreement, they agree to abide by the website's legal policy, privacy policy, and terms of use.
  • Legal policies describe how a provider adheres to relevant national and local laws, and also requires a user to act in compliance with relevant national and local laws. Legal policy may also include ethical guidelines such as those that govern human subjects in research. 
  • Privacy policies describes how a party gathers, discloses, and manages a user's data. This may include usage data gathered through the use of cookies and web logs, personal data gathered through a registration process, and data contributed by a user.
  • Terms of usewhich are also called terms of service, dictate how a website and its contents can be used. These include information on data ownership, information on data access, information on data reuse, and information on citation or other forms of attribution. 

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