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Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Refine Protocols: Resources



Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Advisor (EMMA)

"...interactive software for project managers, administrators, and others who use or procure laboratory services for environmental analyses.... used to plan improved and cost-effective environmental monitoring projects."


National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI)

"...a user-friendly, searchable online methods database that allows you to easily search and compare [environmental] regulatory and non-regulatory methods."


Managers' Monitoring Manual

Information to Collect

(see particularly the "types of techniques available" link)


Managers' Monitoring Manual

WHERE to Monitor

"How and where you sample will determine how well your monitoring program represents the study area."


Managers' Monitoring Manual

HOW to Monitor

Use the provided worksheets to "...choose the counting technique, determine the number of sites you will need to sample, and choose an analytical approach."


Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring National Facilitation Project's

Matrix of Monitoring Activities

"...intended to help direct the selection of [water quality] monitoring activities according to data objectives and available resources."


Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring National Facilitation Project's

Building Credibility: Quality Assurance and Quality Control

" overview of quality assurance and quality control issues and provides examples of methods used... to substantiate the credibility of their data."


Broadening Participation in Biological Monitoring: Guidelines...

Developing Sampling Designs and Data Collection Procedures

See Sampling in left navigation bar: "Valid and appropriate sampling designs and methods must match project goals, available resources, participant skills..."


Broadening Participation in Biological Monitoring: Guidelines...

Ensuring the Quality and Credibility of Collected Data

See Quality in the left navigation bar: " almost all instances obtaining high quality data that is widely trusted is the central means of attaining the monitoring goals."


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(form a team)

(recruit participants)

Citizen science, volunteer monitoring, participatory action research... this site supports organizers of all initiatives where public participants are involved in scientific research.

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