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Cardinal Poem

By Jason
Southwest Middle School
Orlando, FL
6th grade

The cardinal is a very lovely bird
It is especially pretty to be heard.

Their song is a beautiful whistling display
It can be heard in late winter on the first sunny day.

They have a stocky body, short wings, and a long tail
That stands so straight it helps them to sail.

They are easily noticed as they fly above a town.
The are 22 centimeters--so small, so small.

The mail is red and the female is brown
And when they lean over, they may look like a ball.

they feed on wild fruit, insects, grain, and seeds
Many, many foods can fulfill their needs.

They crack hard seeds easily with their hard beaks
They problem is when you go near one, it nearly freaks.

They build their nests in bushes so low
When predators come they always know.

They build their nests so strong, so well
They should be proud and think they did swell.

In April and August they lay their eggs
And when the babies hatch for food they will beg.

They live in North America and Mexico, too
With their bright red color they're easy to view.

Cardinals never migrate, they stay in one spot
Obviously they don't care if it's not or not.

The cardinal is the official bird of seven different states
In Illinois it beat out four other candidates.

They got their name from the Roman Catholic robes
Whose Cardinals wore red all around the globe.

They are one bird of the many in the finch family
If I were a bird, a cardinal's what I'd want to be.


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