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Home Study Course in Bird Biology

Learn about bird behavior, migration, ecology, conservation, and many other subjects in your own home, at your own pace. This comprehensive course was written by 12 leading ornithologists, edited by Cornell Lab staff, and illustrated by acclaimed artist John Schmitt.

The course was produced at an introductory college level and includes all basic topics in ornithology. It is suitable for anyone with a serious interest in birds.

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Special Note:

The required text for the Home Study Course in Bird Biology, the Handbook of Bird Biology, 2nd edition, is currently out of print. We have no copies to sell.

Due to continued demand and the ability of some students to track down a used textbook, we still offer the Home Study Course in Bird Biology to those who are able to find the 2nd edition.

We are currently working on a 3rd edition of the Cornell Handbook of Bird Biology, which will be available in 2015. The text is being thoroughly revised, updated, and will be published in full color. An updated version of the Home Study Course in Bird Biology will be developed to correspond with the revised text.