Courses for the Public


Each of our one-hour webinars consists of a live interactive presentation using photographs, videos, sounds, and audience feedback, and is followed by a question and answer period. Each session highlights a specific group of birds. These webinars have been written, developed, and presented by Dr. Kevin McGowan, and are designed to help beginning birders with their identification skills or to enhance understanding about bird behavior. Read “What can you learn in a webinar?”

Check our complete webinar offerings in “All Webinars” menu on the upper-left of this page where you can purchase archived versions of these series. Check back here for dates when they will again be offered live.

Note: The webinars are delivered through the WebEx Event Center program which does not work on the iPad or other mobile devices.


Cornell University does not offer academic credit for these webinars.

Requires a computer with at least 1 GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, a sound card, and a fast network connection.