© Tim Laman

$30 million to create a biodiversity fellowship program

Help prepare tomorrow’s innovative, inspiring conservation leaders by adding fellowships that connect graduate-level and postdoctoral scientists to our unparalleled cross-disciplinary programs and partnerships.

© Jay McGowan

$10 million to bring the power of the digital age to conservation

Data-intensive science revolutionizes how we understand and protect complex ecosystems. Enable our continued leadership of global data-gathering, analysis, and conservation by improving the Lab’s high-performance computing capabilities.

Map image from Google Earth: U.S. Dept of State Geographer; © 2012 Google; © 2012 MapLink Tele Atlas; Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, CEBCO

$5 million to establish the Innovations Fund and the Expeditions Fund

Add permanence to our capacity to discover by exploring new technologies and supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts in remote locations.

© Diane Tessaglia-Hymes