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Andrew Farnsworth

Andrew Farnsworth (Cornell Ph.D. student) studies flight calls of migrating birds. These vocalizations are short in duration, variable in frequency, species-specific, and primarily nocturnal. As part of a larger study of the function of flight calls and flight calling behavior, Andrew is using a phylogeny of wood-warblers (family Parulidae) reconstructed from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA to study what factors (e.g., body mass) might drive the variation in flight calls (e.g., frequency) among different species.

Above: Andrew Farnsworth



Left: A spectrogram of a Blackpoll Warbler flight call recorded during the morning of 26 May, 2003 near the Kaiser-Manitou Banding Station (Braddock Bay Bird Observatory) in Greece, NY. The x-axis represents the duration of the call, while the y-axis represents the frequency of call. Comparative analysis of flight call frequencies and body mass in wood-warblers suggests that size does not drive variation among species.



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