Online Data Entry is No Longer Available

You have probably reached this web page because you have wanted to participate in online data collection for the House Finch Disease Survey (HFDS). Unfortunately, the online data entry system for the HFDS has been shut down, possibly permanently. Both the computer hardware and programs that ran the online data entry were old enough and obsolete enough that they have no longer been supported for over a year, and there have been chronic problems with the existing system for this time. We reluctantly reached the decision that we needed to shut down this system before the end of June 2008 in a controlled way, rather than waiting for an unplanned, terminal failure of the system. The only exception to the ceasation of online HFDS data is the data entry that is built in to Project FeederWatch, which will continue as normal during the Project FeederWatch season of mid-November to the beginning of April each year for people participating in Project FeederWatch.

Due to lack of funding and a shortage of web-development staff, we will not be able to develop a new version of the online data entry system for several months, at a minimum. It may never prove financially and logistically feasible to create a new online data entry system for the HFDS. As a result, for the foreseeable future, all HFDS data will be collected on paper forms. If you have entered any HFDS data online in 2008, we should have sent you a set of paper forms to the most current mailing address that we have on record. If you do not receive these forms soon, please contact the HFDS at requesting copies of the forms. When entering data on the paper forms, you will need to provide your Lab of Ornithology ID number. If you have forgotten this number, please using the e-mail address, above, to request a reminder to be sent to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused, and hope that you will still be willing to provide data on the House Finch eye disease to us on paper forms. We are extremely disappointed not to be able to continue offering data entry online, but given the circumstances we feel that closing down online data entry is the only viable option.

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