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Quiz - Question 01 Answer

QUESTION 01: What kind of bird is this, and why are they and their young so special?


ANSWER 01: The mystery bird is a Hoatzin


The bizarre, pheasant-sized Hoatzin is found in Amazonian South America. It is one of the few birds whose digestive system is adapted to allow them to eat leaves as a steady diet. Still more remarkable are the young, which bear claws on their developing wings as well as on their feet.

Hoatzins build their nests in vegetation overhanging quiet water. When disturbed, nestling Hoatzins leap into the water below, swim away, and when danger is gone, use their wing claws to climb back into the vegetation and return to their nest. Young Hoatzins lose their wing claws when they attain adulthood.


Hoatzin Adults and Young

Hoatzin Adults and Young


Baby Hoatzin













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