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NSF- DUE: The Science Knowledge and Education Network Building a User Base around Scientific Publications: editing online content and annotating scientific materials

We will develop an open-source infrastructure to create a knowledge and education network--a new and powerful application for building dynamic collaborative communities centered on primary scientific references. We call this application a Scientific Knowledge and Education Network (SKEN), which will transform the primary scientific references into "living" publications that include the most current information on their topics, and which allow continuous annotations of the content through community input. The underlying goals of SKEN are to expand traditional, content-based scientific information into a community-based information exchange, and to provide an innovative mechanism for blending science knowledge with opportunities for formal and informal science education. We believe that SKEN will significantly advance current methodologies of research dissemination and validation. Through the use of advanced Information Science and the Internet, SKEN will move primary scientific resources from restricted content distribution points (bricks and mortar libraries) to ubiquitous availability over the Internet. It also will decrease the time required to update these scientific resources, and will provide significantly easier access, search, and archival capabilities.

Science Knowledge and Education Network Report

Science Knowledge and
Education Network Report

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