Video Analysis: Preface

February 2006

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, along with the Big Woods Conservation Partnership, is pleased to make public this analysis of video evidence supporting the conclusion that in 2004 an Ivory-billed Woodpecker was documented in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas. This presentation serves as a supplement to our initial published account in the journal Science and to our technical presentations at the American Ornithologists' Union meeting in Santa Barbara, California, in August 2005.

The authors of this web site conclude that this video and other evidence compel us to work with public and private partners in efforts to locate and recover the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and expand the old-growth forest habitat the species requires. These pages will be updated as further analyses are completed and as more information comes in from the field.

To read the full analysis click here.

Table of contents:




  • Underwing Pattern

  • Upperwing Pattern

  • Comparisons with Pileated Flight

  • Flight Comparisons with Other Species

  • Wing Shape

  • Wingbeat Frequency

  • Descriptions of Ivory-bill Flight

  • White on Back

  • Bird Launching into Flight

  • Perched Woodpecker

  • Conclusions

  • Summary and References


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