More images from the field


The 2005-2006 Search Team

Single, lower left: Lucas Behnke
Front row, left to right: Marlene Wagner, Alyson Webber, Kristina Baker, Jeremy Russell, Utami Setiorini, James R. Hill
Middle row:
Brad Alexander, Sarah Warner, Ken Levenstein, Brian Gill
Back row:
Chris Ford, Jimmy McMorran

Left to right: Utami Setiorini, Kristina Baker, Alyson Webber, Sara Barker, Sarah Warner, Marlene Wagner

Tom Snetsinger presenting information to a new group of volunteers.

Brian Gill working with one of the autonomous recording units (ARUs).

Chris Ford and Marlene Wagner

Sarah Warner and Jimmy McMorran

Sara Barker and Sarah Warner

Volunteer Coordinator Beth Wright

Alyson Webber, Brad Alexander, Martjan Lammertink

Utami Setiorini checks out her gear.

Left to right: John Puschock, Tom Snetsinger, Sarah Warner, Jimmy McMorran

Ivory-bill or pileated nest hole?
Left to right:
Lucas Behnke, Kristina Baker, Ken Levenstein, Jimmy McMorran

Front row, left to right: Brian Gill, Kristina Baker, Nathan Banfield
Back row: Benjamin Wardwell, Brad Alexander, Alyson Webber, Sean Clawson, Utami Setiorini, Martjan Lammertink

This is the last anyone ever saw of these searchers. We hope to hear back from them if they find an ivory-bill.

Images by Cornell Lab of Ornithology staff. © Cornell Lab of Ornithology