Photos of 2005-06 Staff

We'd like to send a heartfelt thank you to our entire ivory-bill field crew. They worked long hours in tough conditions for days on end and deserve plenty of recognition. These are just a few images that we were able to capture of their delightful faces over the course of the season.

Additional images

Almost the entire gang (Missing -- Brian Gill, Nathan Banfield, Tom Snetsinger, and Beth Wright).
Front row, left to right: Chris Ford, Marlene Wagner, Jeremy Russell, Sean Clawson, John Puschock, Ken Levenstein
Middle row (three on the right): Elliott Swarthout, Sarah Warner, Jimmy McMorran
Back row: James R. Hill, Martjan Lammertink, Utami Setiorini, Waylon Edwards, Brad Alexander, Alyson Webber, Sara Barker, Benjamin Wardwell, Lucas Behnke, Kristina Baker

Left to right: Sarah Warner, Lucas Behnke, Jimmy McMorran, Waylon Edwards

Alyson Webber and Brad Alexander

Sean Clawson and Brian Gill

Tom Snetsinger and
Martjan Lammertink

Project Coordinator Sara Barker checks her location using a handheld GPS unit.

Field Supervisor Elliott Swarthout strikes a pose.

Jamie Hill and Jimmy McMorran

Jeremy Russell

Colorful characters in colorful canoes.
Purple canoe--
Benjamin Wardwell and Kristina Baker
Yellow canoe--Johnny Puschock and Brad Alexander

Nathan Banfield and Elliott Swarthout

Nathan Banfield the river runner.

Sean Clawson--wild for woodpeckers.

Lucas Behnke enjoying a snack on the White River.

Additional images

Images by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Staff . © Cornell Lab of Ornithology