Meet the Volunteers

Expert birders from around the country were selected to participate in this year's search.  Each volunteer spends two weeks in either the White River or the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge.

Meet the Cache River Volunteers

White River Volunteers

December 5, 2005 White River Volunteer Team

January 3, 2006 White River Volunteer Team

January 17, 2006 White River Volunteer Team

Left to right: Tom Snetsinger, Steve Holzman, Melinda Welton, Ken Able, Keith Brady, Walt Koenig, Paul Sykes, Sonny Bass, Larry White. Photo by Robert Lee.

Left to right: Randy Dettmers, Juan Klavins, Brendan Collins, Steve Faccio, Peter Range, Tom Snetsinger, Bryan Pfeiffer, Rob Doster

Left to right: Dan Reinking, Ron Goddard, Steve Kinder, Aaron Brees, Rosann Kovalcik,  Jim White, Holly Michael, Dave Pereksta, and Tom Snetsinger.

  Left to right: (back row) John Humphries, David Vander Pluym, Tom Snetsinger, Nathan Pieplow, Greg Keller, Bill Hubick
(front row) Jason Luscier, Chris Paige, Scott Severs

Left to right: (back row) Kevin Mulloy, Jeff Allen, Tom Snetsinger; (middle row) Sara Ress, Andrew Mackie, Dave Wilton; (front row) Jim Sipiora, Daryl Coldren

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped in the search!