2008-09 Ivory-bill Search/Recovery Team

Ron Rohrbaugh, Project Director

This is season five for Ron as director of the Lab's Ivory-billed Woodpecker Research Project. Ron works with multiple state and national partners to hammer out overall strategy, training, and analysis of findings. Ron has been with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology since 1996. He has an M.S. in Wildlife Science and Ecology and a B.S. in Wildlife Science, both from The Pennsylvania State University. 

Martjan Lammertink, Project Scientist
Martjan is one of the world's leading experts on large woodpeckers and has been part of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker Research Project from the start.  He will once again help lead the mobile search team this season as he has done for the last two seasons.  Martjan has a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Marty Piorkowski, Project Coordinator/Biologist

A veteran of several field seasons, this time around Marty will be working primarily with the mobile search seam, utilizing experience in GIS analysis to coordinate on-the-ground searches. Beginning with the 2006-07 field season, Marty has coordinated and trained each of the Arkansas search crews. and managed the equipment loan program for other state searches. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Penn State University and an M.S. in Zoology from Oklahoma State University.

Nathan Banfield, Field Technician

Nathan has been with our team since the 2005–06 search season. This will be his third year with the Mobile Search Team and he brings a wealth of experience with him.  Nathan has also done field work in Vermont, southern Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska.  He is an avid wildlife photographer. He earned a B.A. in Natural Science from Avila College.

Abe Borker, Field Technician
Abe returns for his second season with the search team. Last season his specialty was handling the remote cameras in Arkansas. The team will rely upon his experience with bird surveys and his skill in back-country navigation. Abe also enjoys wildlife photography. He graduated from he State University of New York School for Environmental Science and Forestry with a B.S. in Conservation Biology.

Morgan Anderson,  Field Technician

Morgan has done field work on wolves, desert tortoises, elk, mountain goats, bats, rubber boas, mountain caribou, and waterfowl. She will join the ivory-bill team after a summer spent chasing bighorn sheep in the Canadian Rockies. Morgan's primary interest is in animal behavior on a large scale and its implications for conservation and management. Morgan graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia.

Caroline Poli, Field Technician

Caroline has worked with seabirds, raptors, songbirds, small mammals, and fish, satisfying her sense of adventure and desire to examine the relationship between human and animal behavior. Most recently, Caroline worked in the Bering Sea with Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge developing a new project and coordinating four separate groups of researchers. Caroline graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Biology. Her next major goal is to study tropical seabirds.

Paula Shannon, Field Technician

Paula joins the team with a wealth of experience conducting birds surveys across the United States. She has worked with migrating raptors, breeding songbirds, lekking Gunnison’s Sage-Grouse, seabirds, and Bald Eagles. Paula is used to working in rugged and sometime hostile field conditions and her credentials include certification in SCUBA diving, Wilderness First Aid, and rock climbing. Paula is a graduate of Bowdoin College.

David Luneau, Affiliated Search Team Member
David captured the now-famous video footage of what many experts believe to be an Ivory-billed Woodpecker in 2004. He has coordinated the remote camera search effort in the Big Woods in past seasons and will be returning to search again as time allows. He is a professor of Electronics and Computers at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University. Learn more about David's remote camera work in Arkansas at his web site: www.IBWO.org.

Ken Rosenberg, Ivory-bill Recovery Team

Ken is a member of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker Species Recovery Team and director of Conservation Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He oversees various studies of the habitat requirements of forest birds, and he is chair of the international science committee of Partners in Flight. Ken also serves as co-captain of the Lab's World Series of Birding team, the Sapsuckers. He earned his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.

John W. Fitzpatrick, Ivory-bill Recovery Team

“Fitz”  has been the director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology since 1995. He has led scientific expeditions to remote areas of South America and published extensively on tropical species including seven new bird species he discovered. His principle current research involves ecology and conservation of the endangered Florida Scrub-Jay. Dr. Fitzpatrick received his Ph.D. from Princeton University and A.B. from Harvard University.

Russ Charif, Acoustics Expert
Russ is the coordinator for the acoustic search effort and is a research biologist in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Bioacoustics Research Program (BRP). He has worked on studies of acoustic communication and acoustically based population monitoring in several species of birds, as well as elephants and whales. He has also been involved in the design, testing, and documentation of specialized software developed at BRP for analysis of animal sounds. Russ earned an A.B. in Biology from Harvard University, and an M.S. in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell University.

Mike Powers, Acoustic Analyst

Mike has coordinated the analysis of sound recordings collected during the search for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in Arkansas. Mike is currently involved with research using autonomous recording units to monitor hard-to-detect species as well as nocturnal migration across North America. He has a B.A. in biology from Hobart College and an M.A. from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.