Funding Databases

April 10, 2016
Photo credit: Alex Chang

While the Joint Ventures and Ornithology Exchange are not funding sources per se, they are certainly important to anyone who is looking for fundraising information.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures (JV) are partnerships for bird conservation that can help land trusts seeking federal grant funds. One of the many benefits of participating in a JV partnership is improved access to funding. JVs also help partners find other sources of funding for conservation projects. One example of a potential source is the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), featured above. JVs can help advise partners in building competitive NAWCA grant submissions.

More information on Joint Ventures can be found in our Resources section, or by clicking here.


Ornithology Exchange


The Ornithology Exchange (OE) is an online community of individuals and organizations interested in ornithology. Their mission is to advance the field of ornithology by facilitating the timely sharing and discussion of information about basic and applied research, teaching, conservation, and the workings of the professional societies devoted to these activities. The OE maintains a lengthy list of funding opportunities related to birds. While many of these are research focused, they also list dozens of funding sources that are relevant to land trusts and targeted at regional, state, and local scales.