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Articles About Conservation

Little Brother of the Arctic

By Hugh Powell

Folklore and fieldwork in the stronghold of the Atlantic Puffin

The View From Sapsucker Woods

By John W. Fitzpatrick

Around the LabBirdsThat Fly By in the Night

By Gustave Axelson

Many birds migrate unseen under cover of darkness, but they can be heard—and their flight calls may offer clues for making wind turbines safer for birds

Around the LabBriefs

By staff writers

Science ScopeBored to Death

By Hugh Powell

The invasive emerald ash borer beetle has killed millions of trees since it was first observed in the US in 2002.

Can We Save the Birds of Bonko?

By George Oxford Miller

In a tiny village in Ghana, birding offers a chance to improve village life and preserve vital habitat for wildlife

SpotlightGrebes Take a Dive

By David S. Wilcove

A third of the world's grebe species have been driven to the brink of extinction in recent years

Flying FieldSocotra Sojourn

by Mel White

An island off the coast of Yemen is a local hotspot for endemic species

Gardening for Cassowaries

by Hugh Powell

A small group of volunteers is "defragmenting" Australia's wet tropics, one fleshy fruit at a time

A Golden Plan for a Turnaround

by Gustave Axelson

The Golden-winged Warbler Conservation Plan, published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and partners, lays out a blueprint for reversing one of the steepest declines of any songbird in the last half-century.

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