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  • Gardening for Cassowaries: Defragmenting Australia's wet tropics, one fleshy fruit at a time
  • The Birds of Summmer: A new gallery of photos from our Birdshare group celebrates the season
  • Last of Their Kind: On the Russian tundra, critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpipers gather to nest and raise their young
  • Quest for Paradise: An eight-year effort to document the spectacular birds-of-paradise
  • Site Fidelity: The avian treasures of Merritt Island, Florida
  • The Gulls of Appledore: Featured Photographer Shailee Shah dodges dive-bombers on an island in Maine.
  • A Pair of Peregrines: Two falcons and their cliff nest at the beach
  • Not At Home: Steve Kress and the puffins of Eastern Egg Rock


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Quest for Paradise

An eight-year effort to document the spectacular birds-of-paradise

Tips for Spring Warbler Watching

There are several ways to improve your chances of striking warbler gold this spring

A Golden Plan for a Turnaround

A blueprint for reversing one of the steepest declines of any songbird in the last half-century

Whence Came Bird Walks?

How did this arcane activity get started?

Mercury Rising

Bicknell's Thrushes wintering in Hispaniola have more than twice the amount of mercury in their blood as those on their breeding grounds

On the Plains of Hungary

Some of Europe's best bird habitat, unspoiled by communism but now threatened by economic crisis

Naturalist's Notebook

An unusually marked American Kestrel

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