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Articles About History

The Catbird SeatWhence Came Caps?

by Pete Dunne

Half a Century and Counting

by Tim Gallagher

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Living Bird

SpotlightLaboratories of Extinction

by David S. Wilcove

More than 93 percent of the bird species that have perished since 1500 have been island endemics

Return to Durango

by Tim Gallagher

More than half a century after an amateur ornithologist from Pennsylvania shot the only film footage ever taken of a living Imperial Woodpecker, a Cornell team revisits the site in the mountains of northwestern Mexico

Not At Home

by Peter Cashwell

Steve Kress and the puffins of Eastern Egg Rock

The Catbird SeatWhence Came Bird Walks?

by Pete Dunne

A Feathered Tempest

by Stephen J. Bodio

The improbable life and sudden death of the Passenger Pigeon

In the FieldMementos of a Grouse Long Gone

by Jack Connor

Can you miss a bird that you have never seen?

Around the LabSapsucker Woods Centennial

by Tim Gallagher

Darwin's Other Birds

by Stephen J. Bodio

The humble pigeon, in all its splendid variety, may have influenced Darwin's thinking more than his finches did

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