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Great Backyard Bird Count Makes History

Pine Siskin

Citizen-science participants found 619 species of birds and broke two major records during the 2009 Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). They submitted 93,629 checklists and tallied 11,550,200 birds during February 13–16. This represents a 9 percent increase in checklist submissions over the last record, and a new high for numbers of birds counted.

Participants documented a massive influx of Pine Siskins. They counted 279,469 Pine Siskins on 18,528 checklists, up from a previous high of 38,977 birds on 4,069 checklists in 2005.

Pine Siskens

Led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society, the GBBC has provided a detailed real-time snapshot of bird distribution across the continent for 12 years. Although in-depth studies are necessary to confirm trends in bird distribution found during the GBBC, and to document their causes, these preliminary results are often clear indicators of how birds are responding to changes in our environment.

Visit www.birdcount.org to learn more about the results of this year’s event and to see some of the beautiful images submitted for the photo contest.

Next year’s Great Backyard BirdCount is February 12–15, 2010!