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Featured Photographers and Artists

The Birds of Summer
June 2013

The Birds of Summer

A new gallery of photos from our Birdshare group celebrates the season



The Gulls of Appledore
February 2012

Shailee Shah

The Gulls of Appledore: Dodging dive-bombers on an island in Maine



A pair of Peregrines
February 2012

Steve Wolfe

A Pair of Peregrines: Two falcons and their cliff nest at the beach



Holiday photos from our Facebook fans
Winter 2011

Our Facebook Fans

See 30 of the 630 photos submitted by Facebook fans in our holiday eCard campaign!


Florida Foray: Melissa Groo
Fall 2011

Melissa Groo

Florida Foray: Exploring the color, light, and water of the Sunshine State



Best of Birdshare: New Arrivals
August 2011

Best of Birdshare

The woods are full of fledglings! Here's a gallery of youngsters selected from our Birdshare photo group


Fast Forward: Spring finery, new nestlings, old fields, and first snowflakes: a year through a camera lens
July 2011

Raghuram Ramanujan

Spring finery, new nestlings, old fields, and first snowflakes: a year through a camera lens


Stop Right There! Featured photographer Matt Hansen packs his still images with motion
June 2011

Matt Hansen

Still images packed with motion



Gerry Dewaghe is one of many contributors to our free species guide. You can be too.
May 2011

Gerry Dewaghe

Gerry Dewaghe is one of the many contributors to our free species guide. You can be too.


Head and Shoulders Above: Donna Ikenberry celebrates the Sandhill Crane
April 2011

Donna Ikenberry

A celebration of Sandhill Cranes



So Long Snow!
March 2011

Best of Birdshare

As Spring greens the world, take a last look at winter with this gallery from our Flickr group


Luke Ormand
February 2011

Luke Ormand

A bevy of bills: capturing the long and the short of it



Jacob Spendelow
January 2011

Jacob Spendelow

Finches of North America: A survey in red, yellow, brown, black, and pink.



Binu John
December 2010

Binu John

Flight at its most fascinating



Seetharam Maddali
November 2010

Seetharam Maddali

Scenes of southern California



Sam Crowe
October 2010

Sam Crowe

A sneak peek at some stars of November's Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival



Maria Coryell-Martin
September 2010

Maria Coryell-Martin (featured artist)

Going birding one brushtroke at a time



Nick Chill
August 2010

Nick Chill

Rare looks at some usual suspects in a California wetland



Olivia Bouler
July 2010

Olivia Bouler (featured artist)

One girl's personal quest to heal the Gulf with art



Parker and West Texas
June 2010

Peter Parker

Celebrating the colors of dry West Texas



Gulf Coast Birds
May 2010

Best of Birdshare

A tribute to the birds and places of the Gulf Coast



photography in Oz
April 2010

Jeff Robinson

The outlandish sights of Australia



magical realism
March 2010

Catherine Hamilton (featured artist)

Paper and ink take wing



digiscoping evolves
February 2010

Charles Eldermire, Ithaca, New York

Exploring the possibilities of photography by cell phone



curious nuthatch
January 2010

Steve Byland, Warren, New Jersey




penguin highway
December 2009

Chris Linder in Antarctica




Album image
September 2009

My Hanh Dang




Album image
August 2009

Tony Markle




Album image
July 2009

Larry Hitchens




Album image
June 2009

Andy Nguyen




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How can I share my bird photos with the Lab?

We're constantly thankful that people share so many wonderful images with us. If you've taken some photos and want other bird enthusiasts to see them, there are several ways to share them with us:

  • Birdshare: This is the Cornell Lab’s primary photo-sharing group—as of June 2015, there are over 6,000 members and over 300,000 photos to explore. It's hosted on Flickr—you just need to have a Flickr account, join the Birdshare group and start adding your photos. In joining, Birdshare users agree to let us use their photos on the Cornell Lab’s website. This photo group is a major source of photos for our free online species guide, and that guide couldn't exist without the generosity of Birdshare members.
  • The Cornell Lab Facebook page: Join us on Facebook and upload your photos to our wall. Your photo will appear in the "posts by others" section where people comment and help with ID questions. Each week we draw photos from this pool to highlight in Community Photos collections.
  • Project-related contests and challenges: Project FeederWatch often runs their BirdSpotter photo contest during the winter, with the help of sponsor Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods.
  • Also check in with Celebrate Urban Birds, which runs a variety of photo challenges through the year. Both often feature prizes!
  • If you use eBird, you can add photos to your checklists to verify notable birds or just to show off a picture or bird you're particularly proud of. These photos are then viewable by other eBird users through our rich media search function.

What if you've got a question about a photo but you don't really want to share it? You can always send pictures for ID and other questions to cornellbirds@cornell.edu. We'll do our best to answer—and we won’t share them without your permission.

Can't get enough of our featured photographers? Browse through our archived galleries for features from March 2009 and earlier.