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We stopped publishing BirdScope with the Spring 2012 issue. For more recent articles, please visit our blog.

BirdScope Autumn 2009 Table of Contents

Energy Matters

Conserving energy, conserving wildlife

Hidden Costs of Energy

Bioacoustics Research Program’s Elephant Listening Project searches for sound solutions

Acoustic Smog and Whales

Bioacoustics Research Program works with partners to reduce the din beneath the waves

An Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

Workshop sets research agenda for wind power and migratory birds

Wind Power Affects Non-Migratory Birds, Too

Not all birds fly past wind turbines; some live underneath them

Cerulean Warbler

Partnerships working to reverse declines

How Green Are Green Buildings?

Windows need to be more than energy efficient

Birding Festivals

Saving gas while enjoying new birds



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