Annual Report 2010

Oiled Royal Tern Chick
Chestnut-sided Warbler Yellow Warbler image

Citizen Science

Hundreds of thousands of people extend their passion from watching birds to helping create an ever-changing, real-time view of birds across continents.

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Northern Atlantic Right Whale


With scientific excellence, technological innovation, and collaborative spirit, we seek new insights that yield a better understanding of biodiversity and the earth's ecosystems.



Using the best available technology and scientific data, we provide decision-makers with the understanding and insight to generate real-world change.

Acorn Woodpecker image Student working with bird image
Tanager image


We engage people of all ages–in school or outdoors; in person, or on the Web. Our goal: to increase the understanding and appreciation of science and the natural world.

Salt Marshes, Barataria Bay, LA

Your support helps us

  • Advance conservation
  • Improve the understanding of birds and nature
  • Inspire others to learn and care about birds
  • Engage tens of thousands of bird watchers in citizen-science projects
Bird of Paradise


FY10 Revenues (through June 30, 2010)

Revenue Piechart for fiscal year 2010 through June 30;
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Membership and Gifts
  • Program Income
  • Invested Funds Income
  • Other

Total Revenue = $21,951,053

FY10 Expenditures

Expenditure Piechart for fiscal year 2010 through June 30;
  • Administration
  • Development
  • Program

Total Expenditures = $20,590,380

Fiscal Growth 2002 through 2010


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology takes great care to steward your gifts wisely. The Lab's revenue and expenses have grown consistently during the past seven years as programs have begun to mature and have a greater impact in the world. In addition to record income from grants and contracts, and continued healthy revenue from programs, the Lab continues to have a broad and generous base of financial support from donors through annual, capital, and planned giving. We strive to keep administrative and fundraising expenses as low as possible. Thank you for trusting us. We will continue to work hard so that these gifts result in positive impacts for birds and biodiversity.

Photography credits

From top to bottom, left to right: Yellow Warbler © Stephen Parsons; Chestnut-sided Warbler © Kelly Cogan Azar; Flying Black Skimmers © Gerrit Vyn; Indigo Bunting ©; North Atlantic right whale © Stormy Mayo; Forest Elephant © Andrea Turkalo; Maroon-fronted Parrot © Rene Valdez; Acorn Woodpecker © Jacob S. Spendelow; Golden-hooded Tanager © Scott Olmstead; Western Parotia © Tim Laman; Salt Marshes © Gerrit Vyn

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