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Golden-wing Society Takes Off

article spread
Golden-winged Warbler by Rachel Vallender

This winter the Cornell Lab introduced a member program offering birding trips and other unique experiences for members looking to enhance their enjoyment of birding and love of nature. More than 450 members are now charter members of the Golden-wing Society, and there is room for you, too!

During the 2010 inaugural year, Golden-wing Society members are invited to a very special Weekend at Sapsucker Woods June 17–20, and a birding trip to Little Saint Simon’s Island October 6–10 led by Lab director John Fitzpatrick and Victor Emanuel. To find out more and join, visit www.birds.cornell.edu/gws.

Please consider supporting the Lab through this new society. The Cornell Lab receives only 1 percent of its operating budget from Cornell University. We provide research, education, and conservation programs because of the generous support of our members. Thank you.

How a Special Gift Can Help

Make a special gift to promote birding for science. Smaller donations help, too!

Provide a scholarship for the Home Study Course in Bird Biology. In 2009, we awarded six scholarships to students worldwide and would like to do the same in 2010. A scholarship for one student $350
Provide natural sound recording equipment (recorder, microphones, and more) for one student in the Macaulay Library’s Sound Recording Workshop for acoustic wildlife monitoring. Your gift provides a set of equipment for one student. We need 20 sets to accommodate all of our students $2,000
Fund a NestCam as part of NestWatch, so interested birders and scientists can observe nesting behaviors up close and personal $5,000
Support an undergraduate student working with our faculty and staff on a summer research project $6,000
To sponsor a project or student, please contact Scott Sutcliffe by mail,
phone (607-254-2424), or email sutcliffe@cornell.edu.