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We stopped publishing BirdScope with the Spring 2012 issue. For more recent articles, please visit our blog.

BirdScope Autumn 2010 Table of Contents


Downloadable Artwork

eBird Goes Global

An illustrated tour of eBird's new global data entry features

Teens Convene

by Jessie Barry

Annual event connects, inspires accomplished young birders

On Our Blog

Our Man in Mauritius

by Hugh Powell

A volunteer records rare birds for the Macaulay Library

Next Stop, New Zealand

by Charles Eldermire

Thousands of godwits fly thousands of miles, but never quite come into focus

Pop-Ups Take the Long Way Home

by Kevin White

Saving the world’s whales by listening to them

Counting Crows

by Hugh Powell

Eleven years after West Nile virus, the disease has become a case study for scientists

Jazzed About Birds

by Pat Leonard

A composer finds inspiration in the skies

Top 10 List

Top 10 Ways to Connect

by Laura Erickson

Looking for ways to get outside and make a connection? Here are our top 10 ways to meet birders... and birds

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