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Jan. 4, 2011

Take the "Flights of Fancy" Challenge!
Get inspired by bird flight, enter, and win prizes

Liftoff for an American Goldfinch. Photo by Bill Chitty, Florida
Ithaca, NY—The Celebrate Urban Birds project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology invites you to submit photos, artwork, video, and other types of entries showcasing flying birds for its "Flights of Fancy" contest.

"Go outside and capture the wonder of flight," said Karen Purcell, Celebrate Urban Birds project leader. "Notice the way birds take off from a branch, fly in flocks, hover, dive, frolic, and land."

One of the classic sights of winter is an undulating flock of starlings dancing in the sky. The Mourning Dove's feathers make a twittering noise as it flies. How about that Canada Goose making a smooth landing on the water? Just like us, some birds are more graceful than others.

Share your observations of bird flight by submitting a photo, create a dance, do some artwork, shoot video, write a story or a poem, or create a sculpture. Entries will be featured on the Celebrate Urban Birds website.

Winners will receive prizes that include bird feeders, nest boxes, sound CDs, guides, posters, and a copy of the fantastic new Bird Songs Bible, featuring a built-in audio player with recordings of more than 700 species. We’ll send the first 50 entrants a copy of our "Corvid Behaviors" poster.

Deadine for entries: February 1, 2011

Email your entry to
1. In the subject line write Flight-Your First and Last Name-Your City and State in the subject line.
2. In the email, you MUST include your name, mailing address, and location where photos were taken.
3. Tell us why you submitted your entry to the contest.
4. Choose your best/favorite entry and send just that one, please! 
5. Read the terms of agreement.
6. If you agree to the terms above, send us your entry before February 1, 2011. 

Visit the Celebrate Urban Birds website for more information.


Project Contact: Karen Purcell, Project Leader, (607) 254-2455,

Media Contact: Pat Leonard, (607) 254-2137,


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