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We stopped publishing BirdScope with the Spring 2012 issue. For more recent articles, please visit our blog.

BirdScope Spring 2011 Table of Contents


Top Ten Technologies for Studying Birds

by Laura Erickson

Our methods for learning about birds have improved by leaps and bounds since Galileo's first telescope

Downloadable Artwork

Rosetta Stone for Warblers

Identifying an entire family of warblers in the dark, from their chip notes

Technology That's for the Birds

by Laura Erickson

Developing a research device to watch, listen, and identify migrants automatically

Fort Huachuca's Acoustic Sentinels

by Michael E. Powers

Listening in on Spotted Owls and other secretive nocturnal species

Rats! A Menace for Bicknell's Thrushes

by Laura Erickson

Radio transmitters reveal a surprising predator on wintering grounds

A Prime Mystery

by Laura Erickson

Birds are less abundant when periodic cicadas emerge

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