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From the Editor

article spread
by Tim Gallagher

We are pleased to present in-depth articles in this issue by two of our regular Living Bird contributors, who both love to travel to faraway places and bring back colorful images and anecdotes about their adventures.

Cliff Beittel takes us on a journey to some of the remotest isles of New Zealand (see “Seabirds Off the Beaten Path”). It’s a different world there, with awe-inspiring natural vistas and an incredible diversity of birdlife—a place where the first penguins evolved and six species (including two of the rarest) can be found, and where albatrosses and other fascinating seabirds abound. One of the top wildlife photographers in the United States, Cliff captures the splendor of this spectacular place in his images.

George Oxford Miller travels to the Philippines in search of the country’s national bird, the Philippine Eagle (see “Last Chance for the World’s Rarest Eagle"). Although he does see a nesting pair, the outlook for the species is precarious, with deforestation and illegal hunting taking a horrendous toll. But he finds hope in the efforts of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, which is breeding the birds in captivity for release to the wild and educating the people in the mountain villages about the importance of the eagles and their habitat.

We hope you enjoy this issue and would love to hear your comments. Please contact us via regular mail or email at the addresses in the box below.

Tim Gallagher

Living Bird Magazine

Spring 2012

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