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High School Physics Lessons

Lessons Presented at the Cornell CIPT Summer Institute for Physics Teachers


These lessons still need some refinement of materials and student and teacher sections before they will be available as kits from CIPT's lending library. However, please have a look and tell us what you think!

For questions about these lessons, please contact Colleen McLinn in the Education Program

July 2007

Woofers and Tweeters

Authors: Colleen McLinn, Jack Bradbury, Monica Plisch, Walt Peck, Jim Overhiser


Links to animal sounds from the Macaulay Library:

Animal 1 (American pika)

Animal 2 (Northern fur seal)

Animal 3 (Utah prarie dog)

Animal 4 (mantled howler monkey)

Snowy Tree Cricket

Excerpt from The Language of Birds (2005, Courtesy Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Science Museum of Minnesota)

July 2008

Light Waves and Feather Color

Authors: Colleen McLinn, Jeffrey Werner, Julie Nucci, Jim Overhiser


Links to video examples from Macaulay Library:

Iridescence (Ruby-throated Hummingbird)