Cornell Lab of Ornithology

PigeonWatch Has Ended

Thanks for many great years of pigeonwatching! Unfortunately we have decided to discontinue the project. If you're still interested in pigeons, or want to expand your data collection and bird identification skills, you can participate in one of these great citizen science projects:

  • Celebrate Urban Birds

    Pigeons are one of the 15 focal species for data collection. Besides collecting data for these 15 birds, Celebrate Urban Birds helps participants in urban areas learn how to appreciate birds through the arts and attract birds by teaching small space gardening practices.

  • eBird

    Worldwide, eBird users submit bird observations of every species on the planet. Submit not only your pigeon sightings here, but all the birds you may discover.

  • NestWatch

    NestWatch focuses on monitoring birds and their nesting behaviors and successes. All species are welcome.

  • Project FeederWatch

    A winter project, Project FeederWatch collects data about what birds comes to your feeder.