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eBird workshop

Learn to use ebird!


Do you keep track of the birds you see?  Do you want to know what other birders are reporting in your area?  Would you like this information to be used by scientists for conservation and benefit you?

On Wednesday, March 31st Chris Wood will lead a special hands-on workshop for Spring Field Ornithology on learning to use eBird, a free online checklist program that is revolutionizing the way information about birds is collected and shared.  The workshop is from 6:30 - 7:30pm and is open to both students in the lecture class  AND students in the field trip sections.  No prior experience needed! 

In this workshop you will learn to  -

  • keep track of the birds you see (and see more birds!)
  • use eBird to figure out where to look for certain species
  • determine when birds will migrate through and find out what species are most common 
  • share checklists with your friends
  • see how to plan trips using eBird 
  • understand how eBird is being used by scientists and the conservation community

Date & Time:  Wednesday, March 31st, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Meeting place: Fuertes room (main lecture hall).

To do: Go to the ebird website and create a free eBird account before attending this class.  

To bring: Laptop computer.  Field notebook

If you don't have a laptop or field notebook, don't worry.

You can learn more about why reporting your bird sightings is important here and browse answers frequently asked questions about eBird here.

For questions about the workshop, call 254-2466 or email Erica Van Etten at sfoclass@cornell.edu.