Two Events, One Great Cause

by Pat Leonard last modified 2014-03-20 16:29


After setting a new North American record for a big day last year in Texas with 294 species, our Team Sapsucker is taking on a new challenge: El Gigante! This new route covers parts of California and Arizona, encompassing desert, mountain forest, and rocky seashore habitats. Big Day 2014 will take place in early May, with an exact date chosen based on weather and migration. Please pledge per species or make a flat donation to help fund the Cornell Lab's conservation projects. Then follow along as Team Sapsucker takes on El Gigante!


Team Sapsucker (L-R): Chris Wood, Jessie Barry, Brian Sullivan, Andrew Farnsworth, Tim Lenz, and Marshall Iliff. Photo by Luke Seitz



May 10, 2014

They're all part of Team Redhead, all ace birders, and all eager to use their skills to raise money for undergraduate research. We're delighted to field three student teams in the annual World Series of Birding in New Jersey.
Click here to learn how the teams are shaping up and in which divisions they will be competing!