The Redheads

by Pat Leonard last modified 2015-04-08 09:25

The student birder talent at Cornell University is so deep that we have three teams competing in the annual World Series of Birding in New Jersey and playing their part for the first Global Big Day! They are collectively known as The Redheads.




Redheads State Team (L-R): Ben Barkley, Luke Seitz (captain), Andrew Dreelin, Brendan Fogarty, Benjamin Van Doren (captain). The team will be defending the state championship won by last year's students in this division.


Redheads County Team (L-R): Teresa Pegan (captain) Eric Gulson (captain), Mary Margaret Ferraro, Max Witynski. This team will tally species they find in Cape May County.


Redheads "Big Stay" Team (L-R): Nathaniel Hernandez (captain), Sarah Dzielski (captain), Reid Rumelt, Lauren Flesher. The team must ID as many species as possible while remaining within a 17-foot diameter circle. Last year's team tied for first place in this division.

Photos by Andrew Johnson