NAOC 2020

August 26, 2020

Congratulations to the numerous students, past and present, affiliated with lab group who presented at the North American Ornithological Conference in August 2020. This was our first virtual conference. and while we would have preferred to be in Puerto Rico, the online event did allow for greater attendance that if we all had to travel. Presentations by… (and apologies to anyone I missed…)

Rachael Mady: “Understanding How and Why People Feed Birds: Implications for Future Research on Supplemental Feeding”

Yuting (Hermione) Deng: “Comparisons Between Birds Detected by Autonomous Recordings Units (ARU) and Mist Net Captures at a Migration Banding Station”

Hannah Mirando: “Do morphological traits constrain song traits in a family (Icteridae) with diverse feeding adaptations?”

Marie Chappell: “Yellow-Breasted Chats from Different Subpopulations Respond with Greater Aggression to Local than Foreign Calls: A Playback Experiment”

Facundo Fenandez-Duque: “Does Getting the Worm Help the Breeding Bird? Supplemental Feeding Affects Nestling Growth in some Taxa but not Others”

Kelsie Lopez: “Mitonuclear Incompatibilities with the Sex Chromosomes Suggested in the Emergence of Reproductive Isolation Within an Avian Hybrid Zone”

Shailee Shah: “Alternative Reproductive Tactics in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird with Low Kin Structure”

Sarah Dzielski: “A Retrospective Analysis of Methylmercury in the Feathers of Indonesian Avifauna” and “Changes in Avian Mercury Concentrations Through Time: A Scoping Review and Meta-analysis”

Connor Rosenblatt: “To eBird or Not to eBird? Recreation Specialization Explains Citizen Science Contribution Patterns”

Christopher Sayers: “Geographic Variation of Mercury in Breeding Tidal Marsh Sparrows of the Northeastern United States”

Lab colleague Eliot Miller presented work based our FeederWatch data: “Cooper’s and Sharp-Shinned Hawks Fill Discrete Niches Created by the Relative Abundances of their Prey Species”

And my colleague in the Center for Engagement in Science & Nature at the Lab, Robyn Bailey, presented our work: “Managing Nest Boxes for Invasive Species: What People Think, Know, and Do”



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