Larissa S. M. Sugai, Ph.D.

Larissa Sayuri Moreira Sugai
Larissa Sayuri Moreira Sugai

The overall goal of my research is to understand the multi-level nature of biodiversity changes in space and time through the lens (or earphones) of acoustics communication. Integrating frameworks of phylogenetic, acoustic, and trait-based ecology, my research is aimed at addressing the multivariate nature of the acoustic dimension and its underlying drivers. 

As study model for my empirical research, I have mostly investigated tropical amphibian anurans, although the conceptual and analytical framework of my research is general and can be applied to diverse biological groups. I take advantage of innovative techniques in acoustic monitoring that have leveraged traditional ecological research to document and monitor biodiversity.

I have previously been a postdoctoral fellow at the Departamento de Ecología at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. I received degrees from Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (B.S. and M.S.), and Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP (Ph.D.). 

Year Hired: 2022

Contact Information
K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Room #158
159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA
Social Media: @sadjuri

Ph.D., Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP
B.S. & M. S., Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul

Organizational affiliations and Memberships:
Associate editor – Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation
Research collaborator – Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia de Ecologia, Evolução e Conservação da Biodiversidade (INCT-EECBio)

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