Undergraduate Students

We are committed to provide research opportunities for undergraduate students who are interested in the field of bioacoustics. If you are considering working with us, please keep in mind that

• Research is time-intensive. You will need to be able to dedicate 8-10 hours a week on a very regular basis during the academic semesters.

• All undergraduates working in our lab must be registered for research credits, or (less commonly) receive wages from us or another Cornell research program.

• We especially welcome inquiries from students who are in their first or second years at Cornell. This provides you with more time to learn acoustic recording/analysis techniques and apply them to a research project. We always try to set up projects in a way that they lend themselves to peer-reviewed publications.

• We expect student interns to make a strong effort to arrange their class schedule such that they can participate in our regular lab meetings. These meetings are an important forum for intellectual dialogue and professional training.

To discuss available projects etc., please contact Ashik Rahaman.