Updates & Corrections: October 2007


 (Banks et al. The Auk 124(3):1109–1115, 2007)

The 48th Supplement summarized decisions made by the AOU’s Committee on Classification and Nomenclature—North America between January 1 and December 31, 2006. Updates to the Clements 6th Edition attributed to this new Supplement fall into three categories: (1) two species are added because of splits in species already on the list (Tundra Bean-Goose Anser serrirostris and Cuban Black-Hawk Buteogallus gundlachii); (2) generic names of three species are changed, one because of a merger of genera (Spizastur into Spizaetus) and two because of a splitting of genera (Megaceryle from Ceryle); (3) one English name is changed because of a split of the species (Taiga Bean-Goose Anser fabalis) For background about the purpose, procedures, and plans for updates, please visit our “methods” section.

Page Update
p. 27  Bean Goose, Anser fabalisChange name to Taiga Bean-Goose, excluding subspecies rossicus and serrirostrisAdd new species name, Tundra Bean-Goose, Anser serrirostris, including the two subspecies A. s. serrirostris and A. s. rossicus, ranges of these unchanged
p. 44 Common Black-Hawk, Buteogallus anthracinusSubspecies gundlachii becomes new species name, Cuban Black-Hawk, Buteogallus gundlachii; range unchanged
p. 48 Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle, Spizastur melanoleucusChange genus to Spizaetus and move species entry to position immediately  preceding Ornate Hawk-Eagle (p. 49)
p. 223 Belted Kingfisher, Ceryle alcyonchange genus to Megaceryle
p. 223                     Ringed Kingfisher, Ceryle torquata change genus to Megaceryle

The following corrections reflect errors in the printed copy of the Clements Checklist 6th Editionthat have come to light following our earlier postings.

Page Correction
p. xvi    change family “Meleagriiddae” to “Meleagrididae
p. 4 Gray-legged Tinamou, Crypturellus duidaeadd line for observations above description of range
p. 5 Kalinowski’s Tinamou, N. kalinowskiidelete this species (shown to be synonym of N. ornata branickii)
p. 7 Arctic Loon, Gavia arcticaInsert two subspecies, as follows:“G. a. arctica  W Palearctic e to Lena R; winters to nw and s Europe” “G. a. viridigularis  E Palearctic and w Alaska; winters to China, Japan,Korea, and probably s to Baja California”
p. 13 Mascarene Shearwater, Puffinus atrodorsalisdelete species and range (=synonym of P. lherminieri bailloni)
p. 24  change Family “Balaenicipididae” to “Balaenicipitidae
p. 24 Crested Ibis, Nipponia Nipponchange parenthetical entry to read “(several hundred birds in Shaanxi Province in 2006)”
p. 49 Black-and-chestnut Eagle, Oroaetus isidori change genus to Spizaetus and move species entry to position immediately following Ornate Hawk-Eagle
p. 54 Niaufoou Scrubfowl, Megapodius pritchardiicorrect spelling in English name and range is “Niuafo’ou”
p. 66 Gray-striped Francolin, Francolinus griseostriatusdelete “last recorded in 1954”
p. 76 Luzon Buttonquail, Turnix worcesteridelete “known from four specimens from”
p. 80 Buff-banded Rail, Gallirallus philippensischange range of G. p. andrewsi to “Cocos Islands (ne Indian Ocean)”
p. 89 Australian Painted Snipe, Rostratula australischange spelling of English name to “Australian Painted-snipe”
p. 93 Eurasian Golden-Plover, Pluvialis apricariachange “P. a. albifrons” to “P. a. altifrons
p. 96 Subantarctic Snipe, C. aucklandicaafter range of C. a. iredalei add “; apparently extinct”
p. 98 Willet, Tringa semipalmatuschange “semipalmatus” to “semipalmata” for both species and nominate subspecies, and change subspecies “inornatus” to “inornata
p. 99 Ruff and Reeve, Philomachus pugnaxdelete “and Reeve” from English name
p. 103 White Tern, Gygis albarange of G. a. alba should read “Fernando de Noronha, Trinidade, Martin Vas Rocks, Ascension and St. Helena islands”; range of G. a. candida should read “Seychelles and Mascarene islands and s Pacific to Hawaii, Clipperton and Cocos islands”
p. 105 Whiskered Tern, C. hybrida change “C. h. delelandii” to “C. h. delalandii
p. 111 Band-tailed Pigeon, Patagioenas fasciatadelete subspecies and range of P. f. monilis (=synonym of P. f. fasciata)
p. 114 Little Cuckoo-Dove, M. ruficepsrange of M. r. engelbachi should read “NW Vietnam (w Tonkin) and n Laos”
p. 126 Yellow-bibbed Fruit-Dove, P. solomonensisrange of P. s. speciosus should read “Numfor, Biak and Yapen islands”
p. 127 Spotted Imperial-Pigeon, D. carolain range of D. c. mindanensis, delete Mindoro
p. 130  Pink Cockatoo, C. leadbeateritwo subspecies are recognized, as follows:“C. l. mollis  W Australia” “C. l. leadbeateri  C and ec  Australia”
p. 131 Family Psittacidae contains 346 extant species, not 347
p. 131 Red-and-blue Lory, Eos histrioabove E. h. talautensis, add the following entry:“E. h. challengeri  Miangas I. (n Talaud Is., off se Mindanao). Possibly extinct”
p. 138 Singing Parrot, Geoffroyus heteroclituschange “G. h. hyancinthinus” to “G. h. hyacinthinus
p. 145 Painted Parakeet, P. pictadelete subspecies P. p. pantchenkoi
p. 155 Dwarf Koel, M. parvachange “M. p. grisecens” to “M. p. grisescens
p. 159 Squirrel Cuckoo, Piaya cayanachange “P. c. Mexicana” to “P. c. mexicana
p. 160 Lesser Roadrunner, Geococcyx veloxchange range to read “Arid w Mexico (s Sonora) to n Nicaragua”
p. 165 Bearded Screech-Owl, Megascops barbarus add “of Guatemala” to end of range
p. 182 Large-tailed Nightjar, Caprimulugus macrurusdelete aequibalis from list of synonyms of C. m. bimaculatus
p. 214 Eared Quetzal,  Euptilotus neoxenusin range description, change “sw Arizona” to “se Arizona”
p. 216-17 Little Kingfisher, A. pusillachange range of A. p. pusillato “New Guinea, Kai, Aru, w Papuan & Torres Str. is., ne Cape York Pen.”change range of A. p. halmaherae to “Halmahera, Obi, Ternate and Bacan”
p. 220 Collared Kingfisher, Todiramphus chlorisimmediately below T. c. sordidus insert the following subspecies entry:“T. c. colcloughi  Central Queensland coast to ne New South Wales”
p. 226 European Roller, Coracius garrulusChange “C. g. garrulous” to “C. g. garrulus
p. 230 Luzon Hornbill, Penelopides manillaeadd line for observations above description of range
p. 231 Blyth’s Hornbill, Aceros plicatusimmediately below A. p. harterti insert the following subspecies entry:“A. p. mendanae  NW & c Solomon Islands (Choiseul and Vella Lavella s to Malaita and Guadalcanal)”
p. 240 Lemon-throated Barbet, Eubucco richardsonichange range of E. r. nigriceps to “NE Peru (lower Río Napo) to extreme nw Brazil in w Amazonas”
p. 248 Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Melanerpes aurifronschange range of M. a. veraecrucis to “Atlantic slope: E Mexico (Veracruz) to ne Guatemala”
p. 249 Ground Woodpecker, Geocolaptes olivaceusin range of G. o. prometheus change “Sande” to “s and e”
p. 254 Yellow-throated Woodpecker, Piculus flavigulain range of P. f. flavigula change “Extreme Colombia…” to “Extreme e Colombia…”
p. 258 Banded Woodpecker, P. mineaceuschange “mineaceus” to “miniaceus” in species and nominate subspecies
p. 264 Silver-breasted Broadbill, Serilophus lunatusin range of S. l. atrestus change “Thaiiland” to “Thailand”
p. 265 change Family name “Sapayaoidae” to “Sapayoidae
p. 267 delete “Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers” from page heading
p. 267 Red-bellied Pitta, Pitta erythrogasterchange “P. e. rufiventris (obbiensis)” to “P. e. rufiventris (obiensis)
p. 267 Noisy Pitta, Pitta versicolorimmediately below subspecies P. v. simillimaadd the following subspecies entry:“P. v. intermedia  NE Queensland (Cooktown to Cairns and Atherton, Eungella)”
p. 268 Family Furnariidae contains 298 extant species, not 294
p. 273 Plain-crowned Spinetail, S. gujanensisdelete subspecies S. g. simoni (listed correctly under White-lored Spinetail, S. albilora)
p. 280 Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner, P. erythrocercumchange “P. e. subalare” to “P. e. suboles
p. 281 Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner, Automolus infuscatus change “A. i. perusianus” to “A. i. purusianus
p. 283-84 Plain-brown Woodcreeper, D. fuliginosa (p.284) change “D. f. atritrostris” to “D. f. atrirostris
p. 301 Southern Chestnut-tailed Antbird, Myrmeciza hemimelaenaDelete “Southern” from English name
p. 426 Odeni, Cettia haddenichange English name to “Odedi
p. 429 Black-browed Reed-Warbler, Acrocephalus bistrigicepssubspecies “A. b. tangorum” now considered a full species; delete from this species and add new species entry immediately after Black-browed Reed-Warbler, as follows:“Manchurian Reed-Warbler, Acrocephalus tangorum  N  Manchuria; winters to s China and Thailand”
p. 440 immediately below Plain-tailed Warbler (Seicercus soror) insert the following:“Martens’s Warbler Seicercus omeiensis mts. of wChina (Sichuan) and Myanmar”
p. 448 Brown-streaked Flycatcher, Muscicapa williamsonichange scientific name to Muscicapa siamensis; in all three subspecies, replace the species initial “w.” with “s.”
p. 455 Forest Robin, Stiphrornis erythrothorax immediately below subspecies S. e. gabonensis add the following subspecies entry:“S. e. sanghensis  Central African Republic (Dzanga-Sangha forest)”
p. 477 Guam Flycatcher, Myiagra freycinetidelete species and range (this species appears on Extinct Species list, p. 700)
p. 489 White-necked Laughingthrush, Garrulax strepitanschange “G. s. terrarius” to “G. s ferrarius
p. 535 delete redundant “; Sunbirds and Spiderhunters” from page header
p. 565  Kauai Oo, Moho braccatusdelete species and range (this species appears on Extinct Species list, p. 700)
p. 565 Bishop’s Oo, Moho bishopidelete species and range (this species appears on Extinct Species list, p. 700)
p. 569 Australian Figbird, Specotheres vieillotidelete subspecies S. v. flaviventris and its range (flaviventris entry under preceding species, S. viridis, is correct)
p. 580 White-winged Chough, Corcorax melanorhamphosdelete third line in ranges (“Forests and woodands of e and se Australia”)
p. 604 between White-winged Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis and Black-winged Snowfinch Montifringilla adamsi insert the following:“Tibetan Snowfinch  Montifringilla henrici  E TibetanPlateau (ne Xizang, Qinghai)”
p. 636 Gray-headed Bullfinch, Pyrrhula erythacachange range of P. e. owstoni to read “Mountains of Taiwan”
p. 649 Cone-billed Tanager, Conothraupis mesoleucachange parenthetical phrase to “(Goias and Mato Grosso do Sul, rediscovered in 2003)”
p. 686 Dark-eyed Junco, Junco hyemalisadd “mts. of s Nevada” to range of J. h. thurberi
p. 687  Yellow-eyed Junco, Junco phaeonotusdelete subspecies J. p. mutabilis and its range (=old synonym of J. hyemalis thurberi)
p. 694 Bay-winged Cowbird, Molothrus badiusChange scientific name to Agelaioides badius and move entire entry for this species to p. 698 immediately preceding Bolivian Blackbird Agelaioides oreopsar
p. 698 Baudo Oropendola, Gymnostinops cassinichange entire range entry to “NE Colombia (n Chocó)”
p. 704 change entry for total species recorded from Sweden to 486 (as of 2006)
p. 820  change “Odeni” to “Odedi
p. 820 change Index entry for Oilbird from 174 to 176