NAOC eBird workshop

General workshop information

Here is some basic information. Regarding the workshop’s venue, time, and more:

Location: Georgetown West room (Hilton – Dupont Circle, our conference hotel)
Date: 15 August
Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Food: come prepared for the fact that the conference will not be providing breakfast, coffee or lunch during the workshop. (We're as dismayed as you…)
Computers: if at all possible bring a laptop computer, because we will be providing sample data and sample computer scripts for you to run, in order for you to walk through the process of working with these data.  The conference will not be providing computers for this workshop.  We have been assured that there will be power outlets available for everyone's computer, and as best we know there will be wi-fi available.

last updated: 10 August 2016 16:30

Welcome to the web pages that we will be using to hold information for the upcoming Using eBird Data — Tools and Applications workshop at this month’s NAOC meeting.  We will be updating this information between now and the start of the workshop, so check the “last updated” date and time at the top of any page to determine how stale the information is.  There are a variety of types of information:

The workshop, in brief, will be a combination of presentations, demonstrations of the data-manipulation and analysis processes about which we’re talking, and time for you to play with samples of the data with computer scripts that we have created.  Prior to lunch we will be covering material related to data management: creating the subset of the available data that you will need for your purposes.  After lunch, we will be presenting a variety of examples use of eBird’s data.

Regarding the 8 AM starting time, we do realize that this will be rather early for people coming from west of the Eastern Time Zone.  Our hope is that with an early start we will break for lunch well before noon, and hopefully allow people to forage before there the main lunchtime rush on local eating establishments.  The early end time of 4 PM also does not signal the time when we will bolt from the room never to be seen again; instead we are provisionally intending to gradually move any follow-up questions and discussion to another venue.