NAOC Workshop: Survey Responses

last updated: 11 August 2016 16:45

First, a “thank you” to everyone who filled out the questionnaire that we had set up with SurveyMonkey. What you told us has helped us to put together materials and presentations that we hope you will all find useful and informative.

Here are some thoughts that we wanted to share with you, after looking at the results from the survey:

Finally, we thought that you might be interested in seeing the mix of responses to the questions, so we have provided summaries below.

Question 1: Operating system (multiple answers were possible)

Question 2: Maximum computer memory (RAM)

Question 3: Statistical software most used

Question 4: Largest geographic area of interest

Question 5: Temporal scope of interest (multiple responses possible)

Question 6: Largest taxonomic scope (multiple answers possible)

Question 7: Types of biological questions of interest (multiple responses possible)

Question 8: How have you engaged with eBird (multiple responses possible)