News Releases—Current Year

Birders & AI Push Bird Conservation to the Next Level, October 4, 2023
New method untangles interactions in complex systems

Wingscapes Teams Up with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, September 22, 2023
Partnership to enhance backyard birding

Light Pollution Threatens Coastal Marine Systems, Sept. 12, 2023
Offshore effects are still largely unknown

Free Webinars Celebrate Fall Bird Migration, August 29, 2023
Series hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

As City Heat Rises, Bird Diversity Declines, August 22, 2023
Conclusions of massive study in China

New Audio Technique Used for Census of California Spotted Owls in the Sierra Nevada, August 28, 2023

Novel Machine-Learning Method Produces Detailed Population Trend Maps for 550 Bird Species, August 9, 2023

City-Dwelling Wildlife Demonstrate “Urban Trait Syndrome,” August 8, 2023
Scientists find nuanced tactics are needed to increase urban biodiversity

New Cornell Lab of Ornithology Partnership, August 1, 2023
Enthusiast Hotel Collection guests  get local bird information

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Visitor Center Reimagined, July 12, 2023
Major redesign to create new interactive experience  

ZEISS Continues Sponsorship of Young Birders Event, June 21, 2023

Wildfire Smoke Threatens Endangered Orangutans, June 15, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Merlin Milestone: App Now Helps ID Birds Worldwide, May 24, 2023
Tremendous feat powered by birdwatchers

Cities Have a Role to Play in Bird Conservation, May 16, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Group Works to Make Campus Windows Bird Friendly, May 2, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Woodpecker Guides Post-Fire Forest Management, April 25, 2023
New tool turns science into action

Study: Mountain Quail May Benefit from High Severity Wildfire, April 24, 2023
Findings from acoustic monitoring in the Sierra Nevada

Migratory Birds Can Partially Offset Climate Change, April 11, 2023
Study examines a key but costly strategy

Great Backyard Bird Count Results: Wow! March 21, 2023
Half a million participants did their bit for birds

Watch Baby Birds for the Joy and the Science of It, March 20, 2023
Witness the fascinating family lives of birds with NestWatch  

Artificial Light at Night Aids Caterpillar Predators, March 20, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Climate Change Alters a Human-Raptor Relationship, March 14, 2023
Dairy farmers welcome Bald Eagles

Grassroots Data Vital for Reducing Deadly Bird-Window Strikes, March 7, 2023
International study calls for increased support of citizen science

Study Finds Social Bird Species May Be Less Competitive, March 1, 2023
Behavioral data collected by Project FeederWatch participants 

Nature Close to Home Associated with Well-Being During COVID, February 13, 2023
Study examines types of nature engagement during pandemic

“BirdFlow” model could reveal mysteries of bird migration, February 1, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Join the Count: Good For You, Good For Birds, January 23, 2023
Positive vibes go both ways when people connect with birds

Land Trust Grant Program Seeking New Proposals, January 12, 2023
Cornell Lab of Ornithology grants support conservation on private lands

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