News Releases—Current Year

California Condor Chick Hatches on Live “Condor Cam,” May 19, 2022
Fans flock to Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cam site to see the little one

Global Bird Populations Steadily Declining, May 5, 2022
Study conclusion mirrors shocking losses previously shown in North America

New Regional Bird Guides Simplify Identification, April 28, 2022
All About Birds series has a book for the birds near you

See How Many Migratory Birds Are Passing Over Your County, April 20, 2022
New visualizations from BirdCast reveal scale of migration above you each night

Critical Period for “Lights Out Texas” Coming Soon, April 14, 2022
More than half of migratory birds that pass through Texas will be aloft

Hear Spring in a Whole New Way with Merlin, April 12, 2022
The free app identifies more than 450 bird species by sound 

Light Pollution Increasing Year-Round for Some Migrating Birds, March 29, 2022
Southeastern U.S., Mexico, & Central America of greatest concern

Do Good for Birds & Science with NestWatch, March 15, 2022
Get a peek into bird family life

Migration is ON. Turn Lights OFF! March 3, 2022
Lights Out Texas ramps up for epic bird journeys

Birds Most at Risk from Air and Light Pollution, February 22, 2022
Study looks at combined effects on night migrants

Hummingbirds Exert Fine Control Over Body Heat, February 2, 2022
Study finds state of torpor is flexible and variable

Birds Bring Us Together for the Great Backyard Bird Count, January 31, 2022
Join the global community in sharing a love of birds & nature

Look Who’s Talking Now: The Fishes! January 27, 2022
Cornell study finds widespread sound communication among fish

Bald Eagle Rebound Stunted by Poisoning from Lead Ammunition, January 13, 2022
Despite increasing numbers, lead shot is reducing eagle populations in the Northeast

Apply Now for Cornell Land Trust Grants to Protect Birds, January 12, 2022
Grants support conservation projects on private lands

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