Alli Injaian

Postdoctoral Fellow

I study human impacts on birds. At the Cornell Lab, I’m studying the effects of overflights from the Ithaca Regional Airport on dawn chorusing behavior across species, as well as the effects of artificial light at night on behavior, physiology, and reproductive success in Tree Swallows.

My doctoral research experimentally tested the effects of traffic noise across many levels of biological organization. I found that traffic noise has broad impacts on Tree Swallows, altering habitat use, parental behavior, adult, and nestling physiology, telomere dynamics, and reproductive success.

I’m now expanding on my dissertation work by experimentally investigating the effects of exposure to artificial light at night on adult and nestling stress physiology and immune function in Tree Swallows. I’m collaborating with Maren Vitousek in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology department at Cornell. I’m also continuing my work on anthropogenic noise. Working with Holger Klinck and the Bioacoustics Research Program, I am using acoustic monitoring data from SWIFT autonomous recording units to better understand the impacts of aircraft overflights on the timing of vocalizations and habitat use across bird species.


Ph.D., Animal Behavior, University of California, Davis
M.S., Ecology and Evolution, University of Michigan

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