Brooke Keeney

Managing Editor

I am the managing editor for Birds of North America and Neotropical Birds. I work with a vibrant community of editors, authors, experts, photographers, and recordists to produce the web’s richest and most authoritative reference for all of the breeding birds of the Western Hemisphere. I am particularly involved with curating eye-catching and informative rich-media collections for an advanced audience.

I am thrilled to be at the Cornell Lab, where I not only have the privilege of thinking about birds every day, but I get to combine my background in educational resource design with my passion to make digital natural history engaging, authoritative, and accessible.

A lifelong aspiring naturalist, I have been watching birds since childhood, but in all honesty my enthusiasm extends to most anything with a backbone (and many things without!). In my formative years, I worked at a natural history museum and was an itinerant field biologist. This afforded me opportunities to work on everything from spiders to Hawaiian honeycreepers before I returned to the academic world to pursue my Ph.D. My experiences in graduate school led me to a love of teaching and a desire to create engaging and effective educational content, which got me into the world of digital publishing before I came to the Cornell Lab.


Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, UC Riverside
B.A., Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley

Beyond the Lab

In my free time, I enjoy art (especially linocut printmaking), checking out local eBird hotspots, music, and traveling around the world to places with the best birds and food.

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